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Sunday, October 23, 2005

What Makes a Good Blog Winner!

Well before I get to the winner, let me tell you I got over 50 entries and I enjoyed reading them all since I have started my own blog (hehe). There was some interesting and funny quotes such as:

Sent over by Infant Days of Sleepless Nights
4. Blatantly plagiarise Otis, Dr. Pauly or Iggy. Required once per year.
15. Tell everyone you meet that you have a blog. Have the url and email
address printed on business cards that you can handout.
this by Biggestron Play Poker
Don't say no to anyone that will give you free stuff for putting their banner on your blog. The more flashing banners, the better your site will be. Try to set the banners up so that they flash all out of sequence. If you induce an epileptic seizure in your readers, they are still at your site.
(Editors Note - no flashing banners next year / : )

We also had a couple of interesting ways to submit their entry including a Recipe by Res Ispa Poker, a movie scene that stars Id, Ego, and SuperEgo by The Obituarium, and a help wanted ad by Maudie's Poker Perspective (who I am awarding with our last best blog prize, Congrats!)

But in the end, I went with the winner below. I will post the link to their entry they put on their blog as I believe you should check out the entry and the blog. S.T.B's insight and sincerity were the determining factors in my mind to choose the winner. Congrats to:
Beer City Poker (October 18th blog entry)

Congrats S.T.B and thanks to everyone that took time to send in a entry. No BS, I enjoyed each and every one of them.



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