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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Referral Update

One of our contest prizes is the following:
Top 5 referers to the PokerStars Blogger Championship receive a very nice PokerStars Fleece Jacket.

Here's a little commentary and update on that contest within a contest.

Well, of course referrals is how we are able to operate this tournament to the level we want to achieve so it helps us out. But the referral contest is also cool for the bloggers in 2 regards:
1. A cool fleece jacket! If you check out the link above and see the prize, it is very nice. I picked this prize because its one of the nicer prizes we have and a favorite of mine.
2. It again shows a little recognition of the top sites out there. Shows your readership level as being strong as well as loyal. A lot of online forms have a referred by field, but you actually have to get someone to take the action to fill it out as since it is usually not required. In order for someone to take a little time to fill it out (albeit 10 seconds), shows a little loyalty from the readers to give a little recognition and reward to the blogger.
*One little side note is that this field has been filled out more than I have seen in other forms I have developed over the year. A nice recognition for all the bloggers out there to fill out the field and show the flow of Internet traffic!

Well here is the current standings (taking out the top referrer being the PokerStars site itself):
1. Dr. Pauly himself at: with a commanding 56 referrals and counting.
2. The fellas over at: at 32
3. Our very own Wil Wheaton coming from: (his regular website: is having some issues right now, but sure that would be popular as well) at 21
4. One of our winners in the daily blog giveaway with 18
5. Another winner of our daily blog contest Bill Rini at 14
Rounding out the in the running with a little push!
6. Matt Matros: at 13
7. Dead Money = Sir AlCantHang: at 13
8. DoubleAs: at 13
9. Poker Chronicles: at 11
10. Sound of a SuckOut:

I will keep everyone monitored on the standings in the days to come. Good Luck!


  • Pauly has an unfair advantage. He's Pauly.

    By Blogger Bill Rini, at 10:44 AM  

  • Pauly cant handle me ill be all like pow ching ching yeh bring it how you like me now....see how he likes those apples ay bill put that on your rini why dont you.

    By Blogger Pencil-Fiend, at 9:42 AM  

  • Ok, reading that made my head hurt.

    By Blogger Drizztdj, at 6:31 AM  

  • Has everyone received their confirmation email? I've not yet gotten mine.

    By Blogger LAYGO, at 2:51 PM  

  • Of course it made your head hurt your brain is struggling to compound all those big words and then retransfer the data backwards to your minute recieving system.

    By Blogger Pencil-Fiend, at 6:16 PM  

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