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Thursday, October 20, 2005

New Daily Winners!

**Dont forget cutoff for the PokerStars Blogger Championship is this Friday, October 21st at midnight!

Well jury duty finally ended. We lost 14 individuals man hours for 3 days as a country, but it is everyone's right to request a trial by jury...even though it was an open and shut case. I mean not even close to having an arguement. We went back to the room to deliberate after closing arguements and everyone starts discussing the case. Ok, good stuff. FINALLY 10min go by, I stand up and say "I think its great that we are discussing the case, but why dont we take a vote just to see where we stand." Ok, 12 hands raise for guilty...think we could have done that the minute we left the court room.
Anyways! On to the daily winners. Congrats!!!

  • Whimsy Speaks

  • From what I have seen, Whimsy Speaks is a "true" blog in the sense of the word, because it's about everything yet nothing in particular. Pretty good writing and just random facts and stories that make for an interesting read.

  • Poetry Hut

  • Not sure how much demographically intertwined poker players and poetry readers are here at PokerStars (albeit not just poker players are coming here), but wanted to show a little diversity in the registrants we have AND of course point out a good blog. Very well put together blog focused on one topic, links to news articles, and a cool feature in the blog showing where her visitors are coming from for readers to see.

  • Richard Herring

  • Richard Herring is a stand-up comic and this site demonstrates his abilities. It is a website with a very good blog within the site and updated daily.

    Congrats to all the Winners!!!


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