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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Congrats to easy_wind!

easy_wind from Cambridge, Mass. took it home folks! A big congrats goes out to him. He is on his way to the Bahamas to compete in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure part of the World Poker Tour.

From what I saw, everyone had a great time even those that had an early exit than expected (read comments in the post below). I'm going to point you to our PokerStars blog and let Brad "Otis" Willis take it from here with the wrap up and let the blogs below speak for the tournament themselves. I'm sure they will have plenty to write about. Congrats to all the participants and the winners!

. Here are your final table winners and links to each of their blogs.

1. easy_wind (Cambridge, MA)--2005 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Prize Package
2. simonvlc (Valencia, Spain)--24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
3. Ribs (Warrington, United Kingdom) --24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
4. mattymillne (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) --24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
5. Sunday8pm (Edmunds, United Kingdom) --24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
6. butwin (Cypress, CA) --24" Dell Flatscreen LCD monitor
7. Lucky Poet (Oslo, Norway) --Xbox 360
8. maverick81 (Crowborough, United Kingdom) -- Xbox 360
9. MrAckley (Anchorage, AK) --Xbox 360


  • Ok heres the deal people...this dude won for one reason and one only i failed to show up for the tournament. Now you can disagree all you like but it doesnt change the facts people...i am still wondering if it was sabotage did you tell her to lure me away you did didnt you fuck i was so close i woke up 15 minutes in time then i was like just 5 more mins sleep and now its like 6 hours ago fuck shit my comment is going to be deleted probly can you swear in here fuck shit i just did it again damn give me my xbox ryan you let me down what happen to you china you used to be cool china still cool....ok i dont blame you i blame major league baseball dont look at me dont look at me!!!!

    By Blogger Pencil-Fiend, at 9:02 PM  

  • Fine ... don't mention that I won the bounty on DrPauly :-)

    By Blogger terrymr, at 9:54 PM  

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